5 hechos divertidos sobre el Vaticano que debes saber

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19 de Febrero del 2018


What is the smallest country in the world? The Vatican City! Even so, it has managed to leave a mark on history and politics throughout the centuries. The seat of the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican, has had a great influence on political, religious and cultural events in Europe. Naturally, its long and turbulent history comes with many advantages and secrets.

Here are five fun facts, you may not know about the Vatican.

1. Vatican City has ...

The Vatican may be small, but that does not mean it is not a country like any other. For example, it has its own political structure, an absolute monarchy. The Pope acts as head of state and enjoys full executive, legislative and judicial powers. It also has its own flag and even a hymn.

Still, that's not all!

In addition to the above, the Vatican also stamps its own 1 euro coins. As expected, they present a portrait of the current Pope. The country also issues passports, license plates and stamps with a unique design. In addition, its own and very popular radio station is located in the Vatican Gardens. Post Office In fact, it is one of the fastest postal services in the world. Last but not least, you can also find a pharmacy there; train station; Observatory and gardens.

2. Zero birth rate

The current population of the Vatican City is to give or take. Even so, around half of the citizens living abroad work as diplomatic representatives of the Vatican around the world.

Unlike other countries, Vatican citizenship is not based on birth rights, but only offered to people. It is practically impossible for anyone to be born within the borders of the Vatican since there is no hospital ...

3. The largest art collection in the smallest countries if

The Vatican City, despite having only 44 hectares (110 acres) of extension, contains one of the largest art collections in the world. The Vatican Museums exhibit more than 9 miles of works of art that, if aligned, could surround the entire Vatican four and a half times. It offers more than 1400 rooms, galleries and chapels to discover.

4. The Vatican consumes the largest amount of wine per capita in the world

It's a little shocking but true. The Vatican has the highest consumption of wine by number of residents in the world. On average, the country uses more than 54 liters of wine per inhabitant. However, without worry, the Pope and his cardinals are not compulsive drinkers. The high consumption is due to communion.

5. Why do Swiss guards protect the Vatican?

What do the Swiss guards do with funky uniforms in the Vatican? Well, that's a long story. A long story that began in the 16th century! At that time, Pope Julius II followed the trend of the other European courts and hired a mercenary group, a Swiss one, for his personal protection.

Thanks to their rather pompous and colorful clothing from the Renaissance period, most people assume that today they only perform ceremonial functions. Incorrect! But do not be fooled. The Swiss Vatican guards are extremely well-trained soldiers. To this day, their individual function is to protect the Pope at any price.

And, in case you're wondering: Yes, the guard force is made up of Swiss citizens

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