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Bryan Debyrak

Bryan Debyrak

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I finished work at ten and made my way next door to 'Tuski no Sakura Anime Megastore'. If I had any career ambitions it would've been to work there. I'd have loved to have spent my day surrounded by anime collectables, think of the employee discount! Plus, upstairs they had their adult section which was a freaking dream come true for a guy like me. Unfortunately, I could never afford any merchandise and the store wasn't hiring any time soon.

I stood looking in the shop window, dreaming of what it would be like to get my hands on a giant Kon plush toy, for almost fifteen minutes before heaving a sigh of defeat. The only light girl anime eyes drawing step by step from the shop window, it was a badly light street, so I didn't notice the little blue cat sat next to me. Of course, I tripped and fell flat on my face. My hands were grazed and bleeding but the devil creature seemed fine. Moreover, it mewed at me and began to follow me home futanari.

"Get lost." I growled, looking down at its little, heart shaped face. Its fur was a weird shade of blue-gray. I walked for three blocks with a pair of huge, green eyes following me. "Look, you've made me bleed, if you're after an apology it's just not going to happen." I laughed before turning to the animal. It began to rub up against my legs, which would've been cute had it not started playfully clawing at my shoelaces. I thought I could get rid of it by leaving it some food so I got out the remains of an outstandingly dull ham sandwich and shoved them under the cat's nose. Sure enough, it remained on the spot to finish off my mediocre lunch.

It was the following morning when things took a turn for the weird magic girls anime. It was around half past six when I heard a strange scratching noise at my door. Living in a bedsit apartment meant there was little but a flight of stairs separating me and the outside world. It was at this time in my life I discovered how much of a sissy I actually manga gifs was.

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