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Carlos Isaac Carrillo

Carlos Isaac Carrillo

Nombre de usuario: cisaac Sectores: Cadenas hoteleras Empresa: I/O AUTOMATION OF PR

I/O Automation of P.R., Inc. was founded in March 2004 by Mr. Carlos Isaac. Present
headquarters are located in Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. Under his initiative, I/O Automation
of P.R., Inc. became a problem solver in the areas of electrical, mechanical installation
and servicing of instruments and controls for the construction industry. I/O Automation of
P.R., Inc. provides expertise, products and services to its valued customers in the areas
of products sales, installation, maintenance and specialized control panel assembly.
The founder of this company has more than eighteen years of experience in the
pharmaceutical industry, other manufacturing facilities, hotels, hospitals, housing, State
and Federal Government facilities, office buildings, airports and others (see Projects
Section). I/O Automation of P.R. Inc., main objective is to continue providing the best
products and services at a competitive market price to its valued customers. To achieve
this, I/O Automation of P.R. Inc., is focusing on the quality of its resources, and involving
everyone from the products/parts suppliers to the customers/end users in its operation.
This has been a good formula for its sustained operational success.

Authorized Dealer of : Honeywell, Inncom by Honeywell, Siemens

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