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Un nuevo estudio de Travelport destaca el entusiasmo por viajar en 2022

Tras dos años de cierre de fronteras, la última encuesta de Travelport revela que los ciudadanos priorizan los viajes sobre el entretenimiento, las compras e incluso el cuidado personal 22 marzo, 2022 (15:36:16)

LANGLEY, UK, March 22, 2022 – Travelport, a global technology company powering bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel providers around the world, today revealed a new survey highlighting enthusiasm for travel in 2022. In a study commissioned by Travelport and conducted by Toluna Research, thousands of respondents from seven different countries said they would even be willing to give up some of their favorite things for six months or more to travel.

71% of those surveyed would give up going to concerts

64% would stop buying new clothes

63% would give up spa treatments

60% would not go to the movies

53% would stop doing sports

36% would stop dining in restaurants

"Although the past two years have been challenging, the global travel industry recovered more than 50% of its gross activity by the end of 2021," said Jen Catto, Chief Marketing Officer for Travelport. “If this trend follows the same trajectory, it could reach an 85% recovery by the end of this year. The pent-up desire to travel is strong. people to travel again."

However, not all aspects of the travel experience received the same level of enthusiasm. There was a notable experience gap between the high degree of enjoyment respondents get from going on vacation and the frustration they experience when booking the same trip.

· 43% of respondents from the United States, the most important region in terms of travel, do not find travel booking pleasant

· But 95% of that same group enjoys the experience of being on vacation

Globally, travel was ranked as the most enjoyable activity, but when it comes to shopping for travel, the sector fell to number four, behind fashion and electronics. And this is not just a generational issue. A quarter of Gen Z agreed that the complexity of searching, comparing and booking travel deals is no fun.

On average, travelers visit 38 different websites before booking their trip. Other sectors have moved ahead in terms of simplicity and innovation, evolving with the sophisticated expectations of their consumers and changing their perceptions over time. Respondents to the study considered the travel sector to be an outlier, as they perceive it to be less innovative than the financial sector.

"Shopping for travel is complicated, which is why Travelport has made simplifying the complex travel ecosystem its mission," continued Catto. "With travel demand rebounding at its strongest rate since the pandemic began, it is imperative that the industry listen to its customers. Now is the time to fix the process of buying and selling travel, putting consumer convenience and breadth offer above all else. bringing clarity, trust and fun back to travel shopping, we can build trust, generate repeat business and inspire true loyalty - the benchmark of successful travel sales.”

This study was conducted by Toluna Research, surveying more than 2,100 people from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates. For more information, visit Travelport.com/Retailing-Report/en or contact press@travelport.com.

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Travelport is a global technology company that powers bookings for hundreds of thousands of travel providers around the world. Travel buyers and sellers are connected by the company's next-generation marketplace, Travelport+, which makes it simple for brands to connect, updates the way travel is sold, and enables modern, digital travel sales. Headquartered in the UK and operating in more than 180 countries around the world, Travelport is focused on driving innovation that simplifies the complex ecosystem of travel.

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