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RateGain establece alianza estratégica con BiyCloud

2 agosto, 2016 (09:13:16)

Madrid, Spain, July 21, 2016 : RateGain Technologies recently joined forces with BiyCloud in a strategic alliance that will promote an integrated environment for Business Intelligence (BI) and revenue management systems, to help both customers and platform trusted partners. This collaboration between RateGain and BiyCloud has paved the way for the establishment of a base cohesion which results in a perfect combination of the latest technology BI (business intelligence) and management systems revenue unified.

This model of business partnership is a powerful collaboration and extension of business intelligence BiyCloud and know-how in the industry RateGain. Both combined capabilities will crystallize in an extensive list of products and services tailored for the hospitality industry. Through a joint development of products and customized projects, the two companies intend to respond better to the needs of your target market.

Jorge Bibian , Business development manager in Spain for BiyCloud said that " only when working with passion is possible to meet market expectations. The excellence of our services and innovation of our technology are the true value of our company " .

When asked more about their expectations for this partnership with RateGain and potential of the hotel technology, said that " in the hotel industry, always in constant evolution and many solution providers, hoteliers and CEOs find it difficult to choose the adequate business intelligence solution that best suits your needs. So flight essential to have a comprehensive solution for the hotel industry with the most advanced and adapted to the particular requirements technology has.

In BiyCloud, we understand these business opportunities with RateGain perfectly and we want to help hotels and hotel chains to improve their business from a technological point of view. " RateGain has offered a solid image with extensive knowledge and resources in the hotel industry and at this point has become the best option BiyCloud to partner with an industry leader worldwide.

Nicolò Rolle, vice president of sales for Southern Europe in RateGain has stated that " the rapid pace at which the current hotel market moves requires great flexibility and innovation in its operation. This is where the suite of revenue management fully optimized RateGain might fit " .

He added, " We are very pleased to join forces with BiyCloud and offer our deep industry knowledge and resources in the form of innovative analysis. In due time, this partnership will be an advantage for guests and hoteliers, they can preempt changes " .

about BiyCloud

BiyCloud is a global leader in intelligence cloud-based business. Its solutions synthesize the latest technology from industry leaders and an extensive knowledge of the business. To date, BiyCloud has managed to successfully create customized solutions for 250 customers worldwide. Through strategic alliances powerful, BiyCloud has created unique cloud platforms and integrated Qlik, IBM, and Softlayer Scribe Software to manage data, visualization and data analysis, predictive analysis and infrastructure. Thanks to them, working with a broad portfolio of hotels and hotel chains and demand is identified correctly. NH Hotels, one of the three best chains in Spain, represents one of the largest projects that has managed BiyCloud recently.

About RateGain Technologies

RateGain Travel Technologies was founded in 2004 by Bhanu Chopra. The house team has more than 500 employees and continues to grow. Currently the company is specialized in based on a SaaS model to meet both the needs of the hotel industry and travel products. The solutions offered include unified revenue management, pricing intelligence, price optimization, purchase price, electronic distribution and online brand management. The wide and appreciated clientele includes renowned hotel chains, OTAs and airlines, cruise lines, tour operators and wholesalers and others.